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  1. So, you’ve made the transition from pregnant couple to parenthood!  Congratulations.  It is one of the most amazing and transformative times of your lives.  Everyone wants to meet the baby and see you as parents.  You share an outline of the time that you have had getting to the point you are at now.  BUT -  and there is a but –for various different reasons, you often don't get to really tell the tale behind the tale.  I believe that there is a very real benefit to talking through your amazing journey with a birth professional, someone who has knowledge of the diversity that is ‘Normal’ in the birthing sense.  Someone who can listen well and maybe help to explain anything that is left as a question mark after your birth.

    You may have had just the birth that you visualised and have been incredibly well supported by your partner/doula/midwives.  However, for some women they are left with a feeling of ‘why?’ and  ‘was that really necessary?’.  If you have some of these feelings then it may be a good idea to talk them through. Most hospitals have a birth listening service and it might be a good idea to book a session if you feel that you are left with sadness or concerns about the birth of your baby.

    If you have recently taken one of my Wise Hippo Birthing Courses you will be offered a birth de-brief in the first month or so of your baby’s arrival.  If you think you’ve been missed please do give me a nudge, life is busy and I’m not always perfect!  If you took a class with me a while ago and still feel a niggle about your birth then do get in touch with me if you think it would help you to talk about it with me.

    Another useful part of this de-brief is that I have lots of knowledge of help that is useful after your baby is born and contacts that could be really useful to you.  Feel free to call me to pick my brains if you need info but don't want the de-brief.

    With love as always


  2. Yesterday I was in a lift leaving Ikea after a successful kitchen choosing visit!  I was chattting to a couple of women with 2( ish) year old children as we went down to our cars.  As we left, I noticed that they were both pregnant, so obviously I asked if they would like my card with a view to learning more about Hypbirthing.  They said that they had just been chatting about wether it was possible for Hypbirthing to work.  Well obviously I gave them my card so that they could go home and take a look at the site if they were interested.  One of the mums was taking Belinda Staplehurst's Pregnancy Yoga classes at Stone Monkey in Leamington so I told her that we often share clients as our ethos is so similar.  

    This leads me to title of this blog.  These women didn't know much about the classes I teach, and so they had nothing to base a belief of trust around. Trust that there was something out there to help them to relax during childbirth - something that seems impossible to most pregnant women who haven't looked into the reasons and systems behind the learning.  In the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme we believe that whatever turn your birth takes, and there are so many variations, you will be able to use these deeply learned and easily applied skills that you learn at the classes, to great effect during labour.  The birth partners learn great skills for helping the woman to remain calm and focussed and as comfortable as possible throughout the labour. The skills you learn are useful to help you to sleep during pregnancy, to relax any tired or achey parts of the body too.  

    I often see women turning up to lesson one of the 4 lesson course feeling nervous about birth and not really knowing or believing that it is possible to have a birth to look back on fondly.  I teach them and laugh with them and listen and share video footage and a mine of local information with them and see them blossom in their confidence over the weeks.  It is an absolute joy to launch those couples into the world of birth with deeper understanding and belief in their abilities as a team to achieve the right birth on the day.