About Hypnobirthworks with Victoria Heath

HypnoBirthing is amazing because it is unbelievably simple and it works. A pregnant woman with her partner learn how to work as a team, each trusting the others ability to bring their baby into the world calmly and gently. No television view of women screaming and being out of control. No partners pacing the room and biting their nails and holding out their arms to be bitten! This is NOT the way birth has to be.

I passionately believe in a woman's right to give birth in the place of her choice, with dignity and kindness and with the support of an informed birth partner whether this is a husband or mother or other chosen partner.

When a woman feels safe in her environment and when she feels supported by her care givers, she can give herself over to a gentle primal urge to give birth with as little trauma as possible.

We never know where the wonderful journey of birth will take us. Some women find it easier than others and some women's bodies are more efficient but there is no doubt that couples who use Hypnobirthing and The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme in particular, approach the day with calm excitement and look back on their births with a great sense of joy and achievment.

There is never failure in holding a live infant in your arms after the intense experience of labour and I am mindful of the fact that there isn't a perfect way, there are no fixed rules or outcomes. That birth is not a competition or an examination to be passed. I am realistic and dedicated and love what I do.....and the results that couples achieve.

So whatever your personal challenge today – be it physical, emotional or psychological – call to discuss how I might be able to help. Or fill in a registration form and return it via email or post.