About Hypnobirthing

Why Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is amazing.

Finally we have a real toolbox to give women to enable them, with the help of their birth partner, to have the best birth they can possibly have.  

A birth without fear.

A birth to look back on with joy and pride.

Hypnobirthing teaches women to self hypnotise/get easily into a deep relaxation by learning breathing techniques to allow the body to work easily without being impeded by tension. During the weeks before the baby’s birth the woman listens daily to positive affirmations which assure her that her body knows what to do. She listens to relaxation MP3's which helps her to relax quickly and completely. During classes she and her partner learn techniques to help her to produce huge amounts of the body's natural pain killers, endorphins, to help her believe absolutely in the ablility of her birthing body. Women learn how to release fear and replace it with calm, positivivity and control through relaxation and breathing tools.

Hypnobirths are usually shorter than regular births and the contractions/surges are experienced as shorter and with much reduced pain because the mother allows the process to work without fighting it.

The labouring women enters a wonderful, primal, state where time is distorted and she is in harmony with her baby and her body.

It seems a simple concept... because it is.