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Full Wise Hippo Birth Course dates 2020:

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These classes run in Warwick.  

The following courses comprise of two full days one month apart.  They run from 10am until 4 pm with an hour for you to go into town for lunch or bring a picnic with you.

Nov/Dec =  23rd Nov & 21st Dec

Jan/Feb = 25th Jan, 22nd Feb

Feb/March = 23rd Feb & 22nd March

March/April = 21st March  & 25th April

April/May = April 26th & 24th May

May/June = May 23rd & June 27th 

Relax, Breathe and Birth session Ideal to start any time after 16 weeks pregnant. 

This one of f session only costs £30! BOOK HERE

Next RBB classes in Warwick


24th January

21st February

20th March

24th April

22nd May

If there are no dates above to suit your due date for birth then please call or email for more information.

The Ideal time to start your FULL Wise Hippo classes would be around 28 - 34 weeks but there are no hard and fast rules. Booking early assures you of a place. If you have come across Hypnobirthing, or The Wise Hippo, later on in your pregnancy this doesn't mean that you can't fit in a course, call and see how we might fit the sessions into a shorter time frame.

Group courses cost £250.00 and run on a Saturday or Sunday, once a month over 2 sessions. Total of 10 hours of learning.

One on one sessions can be arranged and the price of this is £350 (can also be arranged to be at your home, check for additional travel costs)

The price includes:

  • Book
  • MP3 Downloads
  •  optional 2 hour Relax Birth and Breathe class before the start of your full course
  • Refreshments
  • Continued support by phone when needed
  • Birth de-brief after the birth of your baby 
  • Monthly hypnomums coffee mornings

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