My Recommendations

Warwickshire Pregnancy and Birth Network

A group of passionate people (mostly Women) who all work within the special interest of birth and women's health and wellbeing.

 The Hypnobirthing Association

A comprehensive list of qualified hypnobirthing practitioners.  Listed by area so that you can recommend Hypnobirthing to your friends around the country!

 The Wise Hippo Birth Programme

A wonderful fun approach to childbirth education.  Full birth programme with Hypnotherapy for achieving the best birth possible.

 Birth Pool in a Box

Hire or buy a birth pool for your homebirth here.  Great service and great products.  Highly recommended by my previous clients.

 Pregnancy and post natal Yoga  Highly recommended by previous clients.  See blog posts for my chat with Belinda about her classes.

Belinda Staplehurst. Tel 07981 769920

 Sara Southgate  - Herbalist and Naturopath, Kinesiology too!

Sara aims to help you be well naturally - permanently.

As a Hypnobirthing mother Sara has great empathy and passion for childbirth/children and womens' health in general.

Jojo Norris- Pregnancy and postnatal massage

Relax, feel nurtured, alleviate aches and pains, become empowered and prepared for labour.

 Sally Lissaman - Acupuncture

Tel 07961 533799

For Physical wellbeing, fertility, morning sickness, turning breach babies, natural induction, Craniosacral therapy (for realigning new babies bodies).

Glorious woman, what more can I say?

 Jackie Shakespeare - Breastfeeding specialist

Tel  07525 209002

Jackie is an amazingly calm and knowledgeable woman who will come to your home and give you invaluable advice on how to get breastfeeding going really well.  She is great if you have problems.  There is a charge for this service.

Aims - Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

Providing independent support and information about Maternity choices.  Raising awareness of current research on childbirth related issues.

For Help when making birth decisions.  Know your rights.  Excellent advice service to help you negotiate the world of birth.  Also amazing for getting closure or help if your birth didn't go to plan.  They have informed, impartial advice including legal help should you need it.