Relax, Birth and Breathe

Relax, Breathe and Birth is a 2 hour class designed to provide relaxation tools for birth.

Class Outline:-

*    Why do we need to learn how to birth?

*    How to birth confidently

*   Becoming an expert in relaxation - your tools for labour

*   Birth Breathing

*   Relaxation 

These sessions are offered at an incredibly low price of £30 which will be deducted from the full course fee should you decide to go on to book a full course. Book here now.

You will be able to purchase the Bond and Breathe session used during this class as a downloadable mp3 for £12.

According to the previous clients who have taken this class it is :-  "Soo relaxing!"   "Really informative"  "Full of information which I will definitely use in my birth"  "Much more than I was expecting"  "Excellent Biscuits"  " I feel really excited now that I have the tools!"

If you would like to book onto this class please check the course information page for the next suitable date. (any time after about 16 weeks pregnant is fine to attend) then Email for availability.

Should you wish to find out more before you book please call or email and I will be happy to help.