"Hi Victoria, he’s here he’s beautiful and sleeping peacefully and feeding so well.  You are so right about hypnobabies he is so calm and didn’t get distressed and stayed happy with a steady heart rate throughout.  I honestly couldn’t  have managed without your 20/20 breathing.  Everything you taught me simply fell into place.  It was very quick in the middle , I went from 3 – 10 cms in under an hour!  So was happy to get the gas and air ;) but came off it at the end and although I still felt the need to push was able to use my birth breathing instinctively.  The biggest thing I want to thank you for though is what you did for both Roy and I.  We were so in this together.  He was incredible, it was like everything you said it should be and I feel like I’ve fallen in love with him all over again.  The whole experience has been life changing for us and we have a beautiful amazing, sweet, calm baby boy.  Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and Kitty too for being there for us, the calming presence you both possess.  I think you both must have fallen from heaven.  Your mum must have been one incredible woman to have such wonderful daughters.  Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart.  So much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Nova and Roy – Birth of Henry.

(To explain, Kitty is my sister and often helps families with cooking/childcare etc around the time of birth or during pregnancy.)

Our birth day started at 1.30 when Bola’s waters broke. We went back to bed only to be awoken at 4.30 by surges. It seemed that things were starting to happen so, after breakfast, we dropped Freya off at her Aunt’s and contacted the midwife. When she arrived, she checked Bola over and said that, given the broken waters, we’d need to go into hospital to be monitored.

The hospital switched into their standard, precautionary mode and told us that we needed to be admitted for a hospital birth. This wasn’t our intention (we hadn’t even packed a hospital bag) and, after some negotiations, they agreed to let us go on condition that we reported back for further monitoring by 19.00 latest.

By this point, the surges had slowed right down and had almost stopped and, when we got home, we decided to make the 10 minute walk into town to get something some lunch.

As we sat in Nando’s, at 14.00, the surges came back with a vengeance and Bola knew that we needed the food to go. It was a long walk home as the surges were coming every few minutes and were growing in intensity. Bola was brilliant, using the breathing through the surges and, whilst there was lots of concern from passers-by (“you’re not going to have the baby here are you?”), we kept calm.

As soon as we made it home Bola got into the birthing pool and we worked together through the surges with the Affirmations CD playing in the background; being in the pool definitely helped.

The midwives arrived around 16.00, examined Bola in the pool and confirmed that she was already fully dilated and that baby was doing fine.

Our birth plan asked for minimum intervention so they largely left us to it, waiting in another room and coming through every now and again to check on Bola and the baby, while we worked on breathing the baby out.

This was the hardest stage of the birth for Bola. She had reached a mental block and was getting tired so, after a while, we asked for more help from the midwives and they got Bola out of the pool for the very last stage. Bola drew on her reserves of energy and all the positive thinking she learned and our gorgeous little boy, Theo Jacob, made it into the world at exactly 18.00.

He was very calm and settled quietly onto his Mum’s chest while the midwives cleaned up. By 19.00 all the checks were completed and we were on our own with Theo. It was wonderful being able to sit in the comfort of our own flat with a glass of champagne and toasted his safe arrival and what we’d done together.

The whole experience was amazing - so much more real than the typical hospital birth where things are out of your control and where medicine manages the process – which we could not have achieved without the confidence we’d gained from Victoria’s hypno-birthing course, and the lessons we’d learned. We are now passionate advocates of the alternative way."

As told by Simon, father of baby Theo. 

"Without the knowledge I developed from attending the hypnobirth classes, and Victoria's support, I am not sure I'd have achieved my goal of delivering my second daughter naturally, after I had a C section with my first daughter. The tools I developed from attending the classes, gave me a lot more confidence in my body, and the amazing things it is capable of doing. The classes filled me with positivity, and kept me focused and calm during the birth. I would recommend Victoria's hypnobirth class to anyone preparing for the arrival of their baby. It was brilliant for my partner too, as he felt a lot more involved and engaged in the process and that he was able to contribute and feel more part of the birth."

 Kate Netten on the birth of Afie

When I realised I was pregnant with my third child, my initial emotions were of fear and of panic. My first labour and birth (emergency C-section) was traumatic and resulted in a very long period of post-natal depression, my second birth was a planned C-section ( as a result of the first birth) and although straightforward, was also followed by a period of post-natal depression. We had not planned for another child, quite simply because we did not want to go through the physical trauma of my first birth or the anguish of post-natal depression that I'd experienced following both births. On finding out I was pregnant, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to look after my lovely existing family following the birth, let alone a new baby.

Victoria was a neighbour of mine and on finding out that I was pregnant, she congratulated me and I confided a little to her about my anxieties but it had never occurred to me that she may be able to help in a professional capacity as I was again due to have a planned C-section and I thought that Hypnobirthing was only applicable to natural births. Victoria explained that she could help me to relieve the fear and panic that I was feeling through Hypnosis. I was very nervous about 'allowing myself' to be hypnotised but decided to give it a go after some reassurance from Victoria. The experience was wonderful. My sessions with Victoria were deeply calming, deeply relaxing and she helped me to realise how wonderful it was that I was having another baby, that this time didn't have to be the same and that I had the resources and support to deal with whatever was thrown at me after the birth. I had experienced terrible sleep problems in the first few weeks after the birth of my first two children, which I believe was in part responsible for my post-natal depression.  Panicking about not sleeping exacerbated the problem - but this time round I was able to use Victoria's relaxation techniques every time my new baby dropped off. I felt calm, peaceful and in control and often managed to get off to sleep when this just wouldn't have happened in the past.
Victoria is very skilled, perceptive and empathetic and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with fears or anxieties, not only regarding birth, but also about becoming a parent. She is brilliant.

Lisa Knott on the preparation for the birth of Eliza

Hi Victoria, Just to let you know, we had our beautiful daughter Maisie on 23rd december! We were so calm and relaxed we didn't make it to hospital as she came so quick!!  Andy delivered her.  We are both well. xxx Thank you for the part you played in ensuring we had an amazing birth experience, if not a bit unexpected!  Totally elated and in love!!! Will bring her to your next coffee morning and tell you all about it! x  You come highly recommended by me!

Jo Matson on the Birth of Maisie December 2014

(It is worth noting that Jo had thought about homebirth but lived within view of warwick hospital so thought she would walk over just in case!  It seems Maisie had homebirth plans of her own.)

Hi Victoria

I'm thrilled to let you know that our beautiful Heidi Elizabeth arrived swift and safe into my arms on Monday 15th December at 3.40.  It was a wonderful experience for all three of us and we came home that afternoon to start the week as a family of four!!

Thank you for everything you've done to help, I can't wait to introduce you!

See you soon

Lots of love K xxxx

Katie Linstead on the Birth of Heidi, lovely new sister for Freddie.

(OOh I just love my job!)  # The Wise Hippo, Best job in the world!